Friday, 23 October 2009

This morning's distraction

I know, this post should be filled with lovely autumn shots, early morning sunshine and red leaves. That, hopefully, is all to come! However, this morning I've spent at least an hour trying to rescue this mouse from the jaws of my cat - couldn't resist taking a photo as it leaped to safety at the top of the curtains. When I've imagined doing a little more wildlife photography, I wasn't imagining it would be in the house! Rest assured, it was a happy ending!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Autumn Sunsets

Panic has set in big time; the leaves are turning to delicious colours, we are having amazing sunsets (and sunrises when I get up in time to see them), we've got conkers galore and lovely hazy mists. How on earth do you find time to get out and photograph them all when you are trying to set up a business? The answer is to book onto a course to learn how to use your new camera, miles away from home and without a laptop - luckily this coincided with an amazing sunset over the farmhouse I was staying in - all these shots are taken within 10 mins of each other and were pretty spectacular. The following night there was nothing remarkable at all. We get equally stunning views across the South Downs on a regular basis so, note to self, always have camera in car and get up earlier!