Friday, 23 October 2009

This morning's distraction

I know, this post should be filled with lovely autumn shots, early morning sunshine and red leaves. That, hopefully, is all to come! However, this morning I've spent at least an hour trying to rescue this mouse from the jaws of my cat - couldn't resist taking a photo as it leaped to safety at the top of the curtains. When I've imagined doing a little more wildlife photography, I wasn't imagining it would be in the house! Rest assured, it was a happy ending!


  1. Dear Lou,
    hope you are well looking forward to seeing you on Friday.The mice are not that luck in our house because by the time we get downstairs all that's left are blood stains on the floor and kitkat is licking his lips!

  2. Hi Laura - only just seen your comment - sorry! Hope you are feeling better now? It was a real shame not to see you the other week. Big hug to Kitkat!